Whilst we help as many charitable events as we can throughout the year with donations we try to concentrate our efforts on one local charity every year.



This year we are really proud to sponsor and support the North Wales Cancer Appeal, a local charity which exists to raise much needed funding to purchase vital equipment for use in the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre which we felt sure would touch all of us at some point in our lives!
A brand new ‘Linac’ Radiotherapy Machine which has been operational since October 2016 is one of the latest purchases the Charity has helped fund with £950,000 worth of donations. Fundraising so far this year has topped £60,000. We are regularly looking for ideas to raise money and volunteers are welcome to do as much or as little as they can.

So far during 2017 we have been involved with

The Christmas raffle – which raised £1600

We have a bigger and much tougher fund raising event in the planning – watch this space!!!