Fun Facts

Anna with icecreamIce cream facts

The first ice cream churn was invented 176 year ago in 1840, but ice cream has been around for a lot longer.

It takes an average of 50 licks to eat a single scoop ice-cream cone – It’s just as well we sell bigger cones.

The world’s top consumers of ice cream per person per year are

  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Sweden

Brain freeze occurs when ice cream touches the roof of your mouth.

According to Nasa, ice cream is among the top three items that Astronauts miss most on space flights – so we hope we can get some Chilly Cow ice cream to them when they come back down from future missions.

In the UK, Vanilla is still the most popular flavour and chosen 9 times out of 10  – they obviously don’t know about the udderly luxurious flavours we make here at Chilly Cow Ice Cream.

World Ice Cream eating Champion 2014 was Joey Chestnut of the USA, eating his way through 8.5 litres of ice cream in 6 minutes. That’s a whopping 66 scoops or one scoop every 5.4 seconds…

CalvesCow facts

An average dairy cow weighs about 544 Kg – which is just over half a metric ton.

The average cow chews at least 50 times per minute. This means they chew about 48,000 times a day.

The typical cow stands up and sits down about 14 times a day.

Cows actually do not bite grass; instead they curl their tongue around it.

Cows have almost total 360-degree panoramic vision.

Cows spend 8 hours per day eating, 8 hours chewing cud (regurgitated, partially digested food), and 8 hours sleeping.

You can lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs. A cows knees can’t bend properly to walk downstairs.

The average cow drinks between 135 and 230 litres of water each day.

Cows have a great sense of smell. They can smell something up to 6 miles away.

Dairy cows are economic job creating machines! 1 dairy cow creates 4 full time jobs in the local community.