Fun Facts

An average dairy cow weighs about 544 Kg – which is just over half a metric ton.

The average cow chews at least 50 times per minute. This means they chew about 48,000 times a day.

The typical cow stands up and sits down about 14 times a day.

Cows actually do not bite grass; instead they curl their tongue around it.

Cows have almost total 360-degree panoramic vision.

Cows spend 8 hours per day eating, 8 hours chewing cud (regurgitated, partially digested food), and 8 hours sleeping.

You can lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs. A cows knees can’t bend properly to walk downstairs.

The average cow drinks between 135 and 230 litres of water each day.

Cows have a great sense of smell. They can smell something up to 6 miles away.

Dairy cows are economic job creating machines! 1 dairy cow creates 4 full time jobs in the local community.