Our Ice Cream

We offer individual pots at 120ml for a quick Chilly Cow fix or a larger 500ml family pot to take home…. if it makes it that far!! From time to time, we serve our delicious ice cream in the finest waffle cones at the farm and of course whenever we are at shows, fairs or events! See our what’s on page to find your nearest event!

Our Flavours

We continually add to our range and although you might not see your favourite here rest assured we have a large selection to choose from – pop down Chilly Cow HQ to see whats available

Limited Editions


Every now and again we launch a range of limited edition flavours to tempt everyone’s taste buds… Previous Limited Editions have included: Mince Pie, Christmas Pudding, Irish Cream, Black Forest, Treacle Toffee,  Gingerbread and Chocolate Orange (some fans are still asking for that one!).

Don’t worry we will let you know when we have another luxurious flavour available and when we release it! In the meantime, should you have your own suggestions for flavours we would always love to hear what you’d like to try. Send us your ideas here.