January 2017

Welcome to what we hope will be a blog about all things ice cream, farming and fun…

Wow, what a busy time we had in 2016.  From events in sunshine, rain and wind to delivering all over the county and surrounding areas.

2016 saw us take on another team member at the production site and what a team we have been,  smashing all of our expectations for the year and delivering the best ice cream we could ask for.

Towards the end of last year also saw a celebrity farmer visit us as part of filming for a new BBC Wales documentary about the Milk industry.  Gareth Wyn Jones spent an afternoon making ice cream using local honey and chatting about our dairy industry and how diversification had helped us! He did look posh in his apron and hair net! We will be sure to tell you when it will air on the telly…


2017 sees challenges ahead but here at Chilly Cow we like a challenge, so the brain storming is happening and new ideas, flavours and customers are on their way to you from Spring time onward.  Our farm and our gorgeous dairy cows continue to thrive and Happy Cows make Happy Ice Cream, with our herd up to 80 now, this certainly keeps my hubby Dave and his dad busy.  This time of year our cows are kept in the warmth of the sheds with yummy silage to eat from the summer silage harvest, there is always the sweet smell of silage around the farm during the winter months.  We are also having a baby boom and have seen 9 calves born in the last 2 weeks… they are so sweet!


You may also begin to see our new Moo Mobile out and about at events, parties and shows.  Be sure to give us a toot if you do!   With it’s first wedding already booked for this year and many local events it is proving to be popular.